Museum of Futures: Visual Poetry Exhibition 2018
Scribbling and scrawling : Feb 22nd to March 21st

Museum of Futures 2 20171228v2.jpg / 117 Brighton Rd, Surbiton KT6 5NJ / Gallery
curated by Molly Bergin, Yvonne Litschel, Olga Kolesnikova and SJ Fowler.

Lisa Kiew / Simone Kay / Adam Baron / Patrick Cosgrove / Alan Boyce / Simon Tyrell / Lucy Furlong / Yvonne Litschel / Molly Bergin / Dacy Lim / Silje Ree / Julia Rose Lewis / Olga Kolesnikova / Denise McCulloch / MJ Weller / Daniele Pantano / Paul Hawkins / Daniel Lehan / Deborah Sibbald / Mark Jackson / Lucy Crump / Alison Miller / Paul Hawkins / Cleary Mallard / Linda Black / Sarah Dawson / Mendoza / Jaclyn Del Guidice / Phoebe Robertson / Hugh Hadfield / Astra Papachristodoulou / Nicole Polonsky / Matthew Kay / Susie Campbell / Katerina Koulouri / Mendoza

An exhibition that presented new visual literature on the theme of Scribbling and Scrawling - works that explored the handmade, the illegible, the dirty, the rough, the visual, the material, the calligraphic, the link - works which resist their content and express their context. Works that celebrate the notation, the forgotten, the colourful. This exhibition aimed to bring together generations, creative communities, including many students and faculty from Kingston University, alongside those local or connected to the region.

Partnering with the Museum of Futures - a dynamic community arts space that has engaged Surbiton residents, families and businesses since 2015 and curated by The Community Brain CIC, the exhibition aims to showcase early career poets and artists alongside more experienced practitioners and build on the community, beginning new relationships and collaborations, that already surround this wonderful venue. The engagement with themes of suburbia, the Seething mythos and the humour so prevalent in the Museum of Futuresenterprise will undoubtedly also influence the exhibition's aesthetic.



Museum of Futures:
Visual Poetry Exhibition Feb 23rd to March 12th 2017 

Over forty poets and artists local or connected to the Surbiton or Kingston area present brand new works especially made for this group exhibition. Exploring the visual and material properties of language through concrete poems, abstract painting, asemic writing and many other avant-garde techniques, this exhibition aims to bring together generations, creative communities, including many students and faculty from Kingston University, as well as methodologies, through a shared engagement with the participants localism. 

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With new works from Imogen Abed / Ed Arantus / Tim Atkins / Adam Baron / Hannah Bates / Molly Bergin / Susie Campbell / Zakia Carpenter-Hall / Ripley Chandler / Patrick Cosgrove / Sarah Dawson / Thomas Duggan / SJ Fowler / Lucy Furlong / Penny Goring / Yasmine Griffiths-Williams / Mark Harris / Megan Haycock / Ann Hulland / Imo Jeffes / Dean Kenning / Yessica Klein / Olga Kolesnikova / Julia Lewis / Dacy Lim / Cleary Mallard / Raif Mansell / Alison Miller / Matthew Navey / Camilla Nelson / Ronan O'Brien / Albert Pellicer / Zoe Radford / Shauna Darling Robertson / David Russomano / Elly Rutherford / Anna Smallman / Agnieszka Studzinska / Virna Teixeira / Simon Tyrrell / Alice Willis // Curated by SJ Fowler with assistant curators Megan Haycock, Molly Bergin, Olga Kolesnikova, Dacy Lim and Matt Navey.

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Pictures by Alexander Kell.