Kingston Camarade : November Saturday 24th 2019 at Rich Mix, venue 2.
London. 7.30pm. Free entry
35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, London E1 6LA, UK

The Camarade series has premiered brand new collaborations with over 80 events in 20 countries. This time staff and students from Kingston University, from a wide range of backgrounds and specialities, present brand new collaborative live works, made especially for the night, in pairs, showcasing the creative culture of the institution. Featuring


Nick Foxton & Mark Harris
Alison Baverstock & Janice Miller
John Hughes & Mandy Ure
Catherine Humble & Marloes ten Bhomer
Diran Adebayo & SJ Fowler
Albert Pellicer & Elena Catalano
Diego Ferrari & Jean McNeil
Julia Rose Lewis & James Miller
Sara Upstone & Joanne Addison
Adam Baron & Andrew Benjamin
and more to be announced and confirmed in pairs.