Poem Brut : March Thursday 7th 2019 at the Museum of Futures

The Museum of Futures, 117 Brighton Rd, Surbiton KT6 5NJ
www.poembrut.com / http://museumoffutures.org

With poet and artists including Patrick Cosgrove, Nise McCullough, Lisa Kiew, MJB and more.

From this special event, the Writers' Centre Kingston programme shifts from themed discussion events to four innovative evenings bringing together multiple speakers and performers. Poem Brut is an exploration of artistic creative writing - poetry and colour, handwriting, composition, abstraction, scribbling, illustration - a project that aims to engage and energise poets, writers, artists, readers and listeners. Poem Brut affirms the possibilities of the page, the pen, the pencil for the poet in a computer age - generating over a dozen events, multiple exhibitions, workshops, conferences and publications.